Lab Created Diamonds Education Center

Welcome to AIDIA's Lab Created Diamonds Education Center. We believe that buying beautiful, lab created diamond jewelry should be an act of joy, with no pressure other than the pressure it took to create lab created diamonds! As such, our Education Center will help you quickly learn about:


* The wonderful benefits of lab created diamonds. It also offers some general guidelines on important qualities to look for in all the diamonds you buy, whether lab created or mined.


* Background information about our jewelry. While diamonds are gorgeous crystals on their own, they reach true magnificence when set in jewelry. From our high-design Signature and One-of-a-Kind Collections, to our Bridal designs and Diamond Fashion basics, we have all of your diamond jewelry needs covered. We also let you know about the karat gold we use, as well as the tiny surprise set into each piece of our jewelry.


* YOU, the AIDIA Woman. We designed our brand, with you, the 21st century woman, in mind. We think you'll recognize yourself in our description.