Lab Created Diamonds The New Alternative


While AIDIA is very proud of our lab created diamonds as a responsibly produced alternative to mined gems, we also recognize the continued importance of diamond mining to the welfare of poor people in developing countries, who may have no other work opportunities.

Non-profit organizations such as the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) are collaborating with governments and local groups in these countries to improve social and environmental conditions for these workers, called artisanal miners, who labor by digging in the earth using hand tools, often in very challenging circumstances.

Fewer than 20% of the world's diamonds are mined this way (large diamond mining companies adhere to environmental conservation and worker safety practices). But it is this image of artisanal diamond mining that drives many socially conscious jewelry buyers to choose a lab created diamond like AIDIA instead. As long-standing members of the International diamond industry, AIDIA applauds development groups like DDI.

AIDIA is committed to becoming a leader in community involvement and corporate social responsibility initiatives.