AIDIA Signature collection


Welcome to AIDIA's Signature Collection, our high-design diamond and gold jewelry collection.

Choose from Signature's Flora designs, and its Monogram series, both of which pay tribute to our logo.


* Flora reminds us to preserve the Earth's precious environment, highlighting the contribution that lab created diamonds make to consumers' desire to avoid buying a mined diamond. Flora also touches a need in all of us for a connection to the earth via plants that surround us.


* Monogram riffs on the AIDIA logo and name. AIDIA is a palindrome (a word spelled the same both frontwards and backwards). It symbolizes the fact that the lab created diamonds we use are physically, chemically, optically, thermally, and visually identical to mined diamonds – mirror images of each other. The "D" in AIDIA is playfully turned sideways and doubled back on itself to convey our modern interpretation of an ancient gem.