About Us


AIDIA is a palindrome created with letters from the word "diamond". That means, whether the word is read frontwards or backwards, it will always form the same word. As such, AIDIA symbolizes the differences between lab-grown and mined diamonds. Whether they are unearthed from deep in the earth, or created by simulating the same conditions (but in an eco-friendly, sustainable, socially responsible, and conflict-free environment), both crystals become the same hard, durable rough gems that are then cut and polished into stunning finished diamonds.


Our Supply Chain

The diamonds in the AIDIA Signature Collection pieces are grown in dedicated growing facilities, and cut and polished by our experts from established diamond cutting centers around the world. Our 18 karat gold yellow, white, and rose gold jewelry is designed and made in New York City with recycled gold.


Our Certification and Marking Process

All AIDIA diamonds over 0.50 carat are laser-inscribed and branded as lab-grown. We comply with all government rules on the disclosure of lab-grown diamonds. Because lab-grown diamonds are physically, chemically, optically, thermally, and visually identical to mined diamonds, with the same hardness and durability, we take seriously our obligation to ensure they are not confused with earth-mined diamonds.